Quick Start Guide


1. Add a client

There are two types of clients you can add: individual and business. To add a new client account, click on the + Client button located on the Dashboard or on the Clients page and select Individual or Business. After you’ve added a new client, you can view, update or delete the client. You can also add additional users to the client’s account. Any user added to the client’s account will have access to all the client’s information. 


2. Create a folder

To create a new folder. click on the + Folder button located on the Dashboard, Folders page or a client’s details page. If you create a folder from the Dashboard or the Folders pages, you can optionally specify a client. If, on the other hand, you create a folder from the client’s details page, the folder will be automatically attributed to the client.  When creating a folder, you can also specify whether the client can upload files to it.


3. Upload files

To upload new files, click on any of the + File buttons. You can upload multiple files at once. Those files can be directly uploaded to a client’s account, to a folder, or simply as standalone until you are ready to update them.


4. Add a staff member

To add a new staff member, click on any of the + Staff buttons. When adding staff members, you can specify the staff’s role. Available roles are: owner, manager, and member.


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