Release 04/03/2022


The following include work done in the past few weeks on the Firmsta client portal software.


  • A simple dashboard has been implemented to showcase your account statistics and recently added staff members, clients, folders, and files.
  • Clients, folders and files can easily be created from the dashboard by clicking on any of the blue buttons. 
  • Of course, you can always go to the sidebar and create those from their respective pages.


  • Staff members are members of your team that you want to collaborate with on your clients’ projects through the portal.
  • When adding new staff, you can specify which role they will have. The staff role determines what actions they can or cannot perform.
  • Since staff members are part of your team, they will be able to see and perform certain actions on objects in the portal just like you do. Currently, the only difference in roles is the ability to delete objects. For example, an owner can permanently delete clients while managers and members cannot. Owners and managers can delete other staff members while members cannot.
  • Staff tables can be sorted by date added, name, email and role.


  • A client is a person or entity you provide services to such as tax returns, bookkeeping, financial planning, etc.
  • Clients can be created as individuals or businesses. An individual client is any person who is not associated with a business for which you provide services.
  • A client can have multiple users associated with their account. Only staff members can add new users to a client account, whether the client is an individual or a business.
  • All users associated with a client will have the same access rights to that client’s account. They will be able to see the client’s files, folders, and users.
  • Clients and clients’ users tables can be sorted by date added, name, and email (if applicable).


  • Folders are like directories on your computer where you can add files.
  • Currently only files can be added to folders. You cannot create folders inside other folders. This is so that the interface is kept clean and unobstructed when looking for things.
  • When creating folders, you can specify whether the client the folder is meant for can upload files to it or not.
  • Folders can be managed directly from a client’s details page.
  • Folders tables can be sorted by date added, name, client and creator.


  • Multiple files can be uploaded at once either from the main upload page, directly into a folder or directly to a client without adding it to a folder.
  • Accepted file types have been updated to include all major file formats used in the accounting industry such as .xlsx.
  • Maximum file upload size has been increased to 2048 MB (2 GB).
  • When uploading multiple files, the sum total of all files’ sizes must not exceed the max file upload size limit.
  • Files tables can be sorted by date added, name, size, folder, client and uploader.

General UI/UX

  • The timezone is displayed in the top right corner. You can change it by clicking on your profile icon and selecting Settings. Then click the edit profile button.
  • All tables in the portal are paginated in order to make navigation easier.
  • All required form fields are marked with a red asterisk.

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